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Unlimited DMV Practice Tests – 500 Questions

Why Buy Driver License Questions?

Why buy drivers license questions and cheat sheets, when you can get all questions and answers for free?

Since more than 10 years, License Route offers FREE and unlimited DMV written test practice for your state permit test or full driver’s license test. 500 DMV Test questions (or more) for each state.

You can take as many tests as you need. Each test is unique with a new set of random questions.

Not only the most common driver license questions but everything you need to pass your exam and get your learner’s permit or driver’s license.

Virginia DMV Written Test Practice

Virginia DMV Test Practice - Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

The official Virginia written DMV test for your first learner’s permit is a two-part examination.

On the first part, DMV checks your knowledge of common road signs. You must be able to recognize 10 roads signs by shape, colors, symbols, or messages. Check your road sign knowledge here: Virginia highway signs

You must have 10 correct answers on this part before you can move on to the second part, which has 25 multiple-choice questions about Virginia traffic laws, common road rules, and safe driving. On this part, you can miss up to five questions, a passing score of 80%.

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Pennsylvania 2021 – Written Test Practice – 500 Questions

Pennsylvania PA Written Test Practice - Photo by William Fortunato

This PA written test practice has everything you need to learn for your permit test in Pennsylvania. Even if you can rely solely on this practice test and pass your official written test, we recommend that you start by getting the Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual. The manual gives a valuable overview of what you need to learn and what areas the real written exam will cover.

It is easy to underestimate the examination and think that it is just common sense and that the sample questions in the manual is enough to help you pass.

The simple truth is that the more you practice, the easier the real exam will be.

    PA Written Test Practice

School Bus Questions on Your DMV Test

school bus - photo by xzelenz media

You should learn how to share the roads with school buses and the laws about passing school buses in your State.

Not only because questions about school buses are quite common on the DMV knowledge test, but because you want to avoid potentially tragic accidents and unnecessary penalties.

    This is what you need to know

Signs that are Easy to Miss on the DMV Written Test

Divided Highway Signs

4 out of 10 test takers mix up or misunderstand the meaning of these two divided highway signs and get them wrong on the DMV knowledge exam!

Look at the illustration above. Which sign tells you that there is a divided highway ahead? Which one tells you that the divided highway ends ahead?

    Check your knowledge

DMV Questions about Flashing Traffic Lights

Traffic signal with red flashing light - Credit: Kevin Payravi / wikimedia

National Drivers Tests have shown that many Americans cannot say which correct action to take when they approach flashing traffic light signals. They are confused about both flashing yellow signals and flashing red signals.

Which is strange, because flashing light signals are, and have always been, a common item on the DMV written knowledge test in all states.

    This is what you must know!

2021 Maryland Permit Test Practice

Latest updates to the Maryland DMV permit test (MVA).

Maryland Driver's License

Maryland written exam is a multiple-choice test that you take on a computer with a touch screen. Just like the practice tests here on licenseroute, the official written test is randomized, which means that not two persons are likely to get exactly the same written test.

This also means that you never know exactly which questions you will get on your exam. So, your best strategy is to simply learn all the important facts described in the MVA Driver’s Manual. Practice tests will help you get there!

Preparation is important. The failure rate on the Maryland written permit test is about 50%, which means that one out of two fails the test the first time.

    Maryland Permit Test Practice

Michigan Sample Questions and Answers – Permit 2021

Michigan Sample Tests - Photo by Steve Raubenstine

This practice test at has 20 questions in each set. Practice questions are randomly drawn from a large pool of permit questions. You can take this test over and over again with slightly new questions each time. To cover all items that can appear on your SOS examination, you should take at least a handful of practice tests every day you study for your driver’s examination.

The test has quick feedback that tells you if your answer was correct or not, and also brief explanations to help you understand the correct answer.

The practice test is designed to help you study and give you an idea of the kind of questions Michigan Secretary of State (SOS) will ask on the real examination. Try to use the test as a learning tool and not as a way of simply memorizing important questions and answers.

While the questions cover all important items in the Michigan handbook, they are not inclusive of all questions that can be asked on the official knowledge test. Since both the practice test and the real test are random, you will never know which questions you will get. But the more you practice, the more you will cover, and the better your chances on the real examination.

    Michigan Permit Practice Test