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#1. The best way to increase visibility when backing up is to:

Wait until the way is clear and look back while backing up. Always look back over your shoulder while backing up. Never rely on your rearview mirror alone.


#2. When a pedestrian enters a crosswalk at an uncontrolled intersection, you should:

Respect the right-of-way of pedestrians. Always stop for any pedestrian crossing at corners or other crosswalks, even if the crosswalk is in the middle of the block, at corners with or without traffic lights, whether or not the crosswalks are marked by painted lines.


#3. When are you required to stop at a railroad crossing?

You must stop at a railroad crossing when you see a lowered crossing gate, a flashing electric signal, a posted stop sign, a flag man giving you a signal, or a rapidly approaching train.


#4. When you change lanes, you should:

Look over your shoulder in the direction you want to move. Be sure no one is near the left or right rear corners of your vehicle. These areas are blind spots. To see the blind spots, you have to turn your head and look.


#5. If your vehicle breaks down on a highway, you should always:

If you have a breakdown, move your vehicle off the pavement onto the right shoulder, or as far to the right as is practical. Raise the hood of your vehicle and tie a white handkerchief or piece of cloth on the antenna. At night, leave your lights on and use whatever warning devices you may have. Do not stand beside your vehicle. And do not walk along an interstate.


#6. You approach this sign. What should you do?

Traffic signal ahead. Slow down and be prepared to stop, if necessary.


#7. When it starts to rain, you should:

Not everyone realizes that the opening minutes of rain or drizzle are actually the most dangerous.

The first water to hit the roadway loosens the accumulated dirt and grease. This immediately forms a mixture which quickly coats the road with a dangerously slick film. As soon as those raindrops begin to fall, slow down.


#8. If an intersection is blocked and you cannot drive through without having to stop in the intersection:

A solid green light means you may go if it is safe to do so. You must yield to any pedestrians and to any traffic already in the intersection. If you are turning left, you must yield to oncoming traffic. If traffic is blocked, stop or remain stopped and wait for traffic to move.


#9. Driving at night with parking lights instead of headlights:

Whenever it is necessary to drive with your lights on, you must use your headlights. Never drive with the parking lights on.


#10. When a school bus with flashing red lights is stopped on the other side of an undivided roadway with two lanes, you must

You must stop for a school bus, regardless of your direction, whenever the bus is stopped and receiving or discharging children. You must not proceed until the children have crossed the street or highway and the school bus has resumed motion or the flashing red lights are no longer actuated and the hand-operated stop sign is retracted.

You are not required to stop when the highway that has four lanes or more, and the school bus is on a different roadway.


#11. When you drive past this sign:

The WRONG WAY sign tells you that you are traveling in the opposite direction from the other cars in your lane. You are in danger of causing a head-on collision. You must leave the roadway and turn around as soon as possible. Remember, if you drive past this sign, you have already entered a one-way road and are driving in the wrong direction.


#12. Unless otherwise posted, what is the maximum speed limit on Mississippi State Roads?

Unless posted otherwise, the speed limit is 55 mph on Mississippi state roads.


#13. It is illegal to park a vehicle if a traffic light is within:

The distance you must keep from a traffic light is more than 30 feet.

Parking is not allowed within 30 feet upon the approach to any flashing beacon, stop sign, or traffic-control signal located at the side of a roadway.


#14. What does this sign mean?

There is a side road ahead. Watch for traffic entering from the side road and oncoming traffic turning.


#15. The driver ahead signals:

Right turn – left arm extended, with elbow bent upward, at about a 90-degree angle.


#16. When you meet a truck coming from the opposite direction, you should:

When you meet a large vehicle coming from the opposite direction, keep as far to the right as possible to avoid a sideswipe crash and reduce the wind turbulence. Remember that the wind turbulence pushes the vehicles a part, it does not pull them together.


#17. When making a left turn on a two-way street with multiple lanes, you should complete the turn in:

When travel is permitted, look both ways before entering intersection. Then enter just to the right of center. Always finish turning in the proper lane.


#18. When nearing an intersection marked with a yield sign, you must:

The YIELD sign is an equilateral triangle. It means you MUST let other vehicles on the roadway have the right-of-way. Slow down as you approach the intersection (and stop if required). Gradually increase your speed as you clear the intersection.


#19. The legal drinking age for alcohol is:

In Mississippi, drinking by anyone under the age of 21 is illegal. There is also zero tolerance law for minors.


#20. When overtaking another vehicle on a two-lane road, you must:

Before you attempt any move into the left lane, remember to signal your intentions. Check carefully, and then move cautiously, but quickly into the left lane.

Do not tailgate a vehicle which you intend to pass. Drop back far enough so that you can see around it before you try to change lanes.


#21. This sign means:

Right lane ends, merge left.


#22. Upon a second conviction within five years, penalties for passing a stopped school bus include:

Second conviction penalties include a fine not less than $750.00 and not more than $1,500.00, or imprisoned for not more than one year, or both.


#23. Your car must have a horn that can be heard from a distance of:

Your vehicle must have a horn which can be heard 200 feet away.

It is against the law for you to have any siren or exhaust or spark whistle on your vehicle. Noise making devices are illegal.


#24. What is the first thing you should do when your car starts to skid?

If your vehicle starts to skid, take your foot off the gas and turn the wheel in the direction of the skid (the direction you want to go), but only if you can do so without running off the road or hitting something.

Never use the clutch when you are trying to stop a skid. Remember that braking suddenly will increase the skid.


#25. What do pavement markings in the center of this road indicate?

The center lane above is painted to indicate a two-way left turn lane. The turn lane is never used for passing. With arrows pointing left, it should NOT be used for right turns.

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The Mississippi Written Knowledge Test

Key numbers for your official knowledge exam in Mississippi:

  Test questions:30
  Passing score:80%
  Correct answers:24
  Time limit:No
  Earliest retest if you fail:1 day (first three)

Mississippi Written Test - Photo by kool-shooters

What is Mississippi DMV Test Practice?

This Mississippi DMV test practice is a study guide to help you pass the written knowledge test for a learner’s permit or driver’s license. It is based on exam questions and answers and the information in the Mississippi Driver’s Manual published by Driver Services Bureau.

The practice test has 25 random questions drawn from a larger bank of questions, which means that each set will look slightly different.

You can take the test as many times as you want until you feel ready for the real Mississippi DMV (DPS) exam. After each question you will get instant feedback that tells you if picked the right answer or not. When your answer is wrong, there is a short explanation to help you understand the correct answer.

Your score is revealed at the end of the test. Try to reach 100% before you are fully satisfied.

Is it the Same Questions on the Real Test?

Licenseroute.com is not affiliated with Mississippi Driver Services Bureau. There is no access to the real exam questions.

The practice test, however, cover all the important subjects that may show up on your test. But both tests are random, so there is no way of telling which questions you will get on your written exam.

Mississippi drivers manual - licenseoute.com - permit practice

Do I Need the Driver’s Manual?

The Driver’s Manual in Mississippi comes with a fee, even the online version. While some doesn’t feel that the manual is worth the money, it is your best resource when studying for the test.

Practice test should only be used as a supplement to the manual.

Remember, everything on your knowledge exam is from this manual.

How Many Questions are on the Mississippi Written Test?

The official written test in Mississippi has 30 questions, of which you must correctly answer 24; a passing score of 80%. You can miss no more than 6 questions.

What Happens if I Fail the Test?

If you fail the test, you can take it again the next day at the discretion of the examiner.

Should you stumble on the last question, you may want to go back as early as possible. Just remember to read everything more carefully this time.

If you fail early on in the test, you may want to wait more than one day and dig deeper into the manual and take a lot more practice tests to prepare better.

After three failures, you must wait 30 days before you can take it again.

Is the MS Written Test timed?

There is no time limit on the test. You have plenty of time to read everything more than once. Expect the test to take about 15 minutes.

Is the MS Written Test hard?

The failure rate on the Mississippi permit test is among the highest in the country. Surveys also indicate that young test takers in Mississippi are less prepared than their peers in other states.

The test and the Mississippi Driver’s Manual have also been criticized for not being revised to modern standards.

Very Hard - DMV Test difficulty grading by licenseroute

Can I Take the Mississippi DMV Test Online?

No, the Mississippi Driver Services Bureau does not offer online testing from the comfort of your home.

You must take the test at a service office or at a school as part of your driver education.

At What Age Can I Get a Learner’s Permit in Mississippi?

If you are enrolled in a driver education you can apply for a permit when you are 14 years old, it is known as the 14-year-old learner’s permit. It is valid for driving practice as part of your driver education. You can drive only in a school vehicle and only when accompanied by a driver education instructor.

If you are at least 15 years, you can apply for a regular learner’s permit, often referred to as the 15-to-16-year-old permit. You must bring a completed application signed by parents or guardians, a birth certificate, a Social Security card, and proof of school enrollment to a service office. After passing the written driver’s knowledge test and a vision screening, the bureau will issue a learner’s permit.

What are the Restrictions on my MS Learner’s Permit?

With a learner’s permit you cannot drive on your own. The permit can only be used for driving with a licensed driver who is at least 21 years old and is sitting in the front seat beside you.

You must always carry the permit with you when you drive.

If you are under 17 years, you must hold the permit for at least one year.

What is an Intermediate Driver License?

The intermediate license is the second phase in the Mississippi Graduated Driver Licensing program, which requires that you pass a road skills test.

If you are at least 16 years and have held a learner’s permit for at least 1 year, you may be ready for the practical driving skills test.

You must bring all documents again and pass the vision screening before the skills test. The signatures of your parents or guardians are also required again. If all documents are approved and you pass the skills test, the bureau will issue an intermediate license. This license allows you to practice driving on your own.

You can, however, not drive on your own between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Sunday-Thursday nights or 11:30 p.m. – 6 a.m. Friday and Saturday nights, except for driving to and from work/school.

You and all passengers must wear seat belts/child restraints while you are driving.

You must hold the intermediate license for at least six months and be at least 16 1/2 years before you can upgrade to a regular license.

At What Age Can I get a Regular MS Driver License?

To get a regular MS license, the bureau must approve all your documents. You must also pass all required examinations and meet the physical requirements.

In addition, you must:

  • Be at least 16 years 6 months and have held an intermediate license for at least six months, or
  • Be at least 17 years or older, regardless of previous permits or licenses held, or
  • Have held an out-of-state driver license for at least six months.

In general, you must also be free of certain convictions.

Must I Take the Knowledge Test a Second Time?

The result of your written knowledge test is valid for two years. If you pass the final driving exam for a regular license within two years, the Bureau will not ask for a second test. But if you wait longer than two years, you must art over and take the test again.

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