Maryland Permit Test Practice with 25 Questions & Answers

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Maryland MVA Knowledge Testing

Key numbers for the official Maryland knowledge test:

Number of Questions: 25
Correct answers needed: 22
Passing score: 88 percent
Time limit: 20 minutes
Earliest retest upon failure: 1 day after first failure
7 days after failing two or more times

Is the Maryland MVA Permit Test hard?

The failure rate on the Maryland permit test is about 50%, which means that one out of two fails the test the first time.

Test difficulty is graded hard. So, it is important that you prepare well. Should you fail the test two times, you must wait at least 7 days before you can take it again.

Hard - Knowledge Test difficulty grading by licenseroute

Maryland Permit Practice – Pool of 500+ Questions

Permit practice tests are a tool that will help you prepare for the written knowledge test.

The practice tests do not replace the Maryland Driver’s Manual that every applicant must read before taking the examination. Make sure you get a copy from a MVA service center or download a PDF-version online at and read it before you start practicing.

Each permit practice test has 25 questions, just like the real knowledge exam. Questions are drawn from a pool of more than 500 questions. They cover all the important topics that may appear on the official test. You can find answers to all questions in the Driver’s Manual.

When you aren’t sure about answers, look them up in the manual.

Each practice test is random, which means that not two tests are exactly the same. You will also see new questions as you continue practicing. Take as many tests as you need and until you feel comfortable with all questions and answers.

The Official Knowledge Examination

On the real examination you are allowed a maximum of 20 minutes to complete the test. The time limit can be stressful, but 20 minutes is usually more than enough to answer all questions. When you take one of our practice tests, you will see a timer in the lower right corner.

The Maryland written test is a closed-book test, which means that you cannot bring papers or any material into the test area and you cannot use your cell phone.

All tests are given on a computer and you can take the test in English, French, Korean, Spanish, Traditional Chinese, or Vietnamese. If you don’t speak any of these languages, you may use a foreign language interpreter (the fee for the interpreter is paid by you).

Oral tests are also available if you have trouble reading questions on a screen. Contact your local service center and schedule an appointment for the oral test.

The result of your knowledge test is normally valid for six months. You must, however, file a new application and take the test again in the following situations:

    The knowledge tests(s) were passed but a learner’s permit was not issued.
    The knowledge test(s) were passed but a skills test was not passed or if passed a new driver’s license was not issued.
    The learner’s permit was issued and has expired before being converted to a driver’s license.
    The learner’s permit has not expired but the applicant wants to apply for a new permit.
    The applicant has a license that is expired for one (1) year or more.
    The applicant is transferring an out-of-county license, has passed the knowledge and possibly the skills test requirements, and does not obtain a driver’s license within six (6) months.

Maryland Driver's License

Rookie Driver Graduated Licensing Program

The graduated licensing program in Maryland is known as the Rookie Driver program.

The program applies to all applicants, regardless of age, who have never held a driver license before.

All new drivers must complete a driver education course and gain driving experience with a supervising driver before driving on their own.

To improve safety, the program comes with certain restrictions and strict sanctions during each step of the licensing process.

New Maryland drivers progress through three levels of licensing:

    A Learner’s Instructional Permit
    A Provisional License
    A Full Unrestricted Driver’s License

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5 months ago

This is very helpful. Taking my test next week.

Reply to  Maxibullet
3 months ago

Did you pass?

Bonaventure Orock
Bonaventure Orock
5 months ago

Hey everyone. I just passed my MVA with no errors at first attempt.

Reply to  Bonaventure Orock
5 months ago

Did this website help you out?
Were the questions the same?

Reply to  Carlos
5 months ago

it should help i got these questions on my test

Uncle tom
Uncle tom
9 months ago

Passed with no errors. thank you for sharing.