Six Reasons to Use DMV Practice Tests at LicenseRoute

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Why Should You Use Our Practice Tests?

    Higher Pass Rates
    Up to Date
    Accurate and Trustworthy
    No account needed – no tracking
    Easy to Use
    100% Free

There are many DMV practice tests available online. While most of them serve the same purpose, some of these websites are good, and some are not so good. Some offer free practice tests, others use the word “free” just as a teaser. Some are based in other countries and just contain questions that have been “copied and pasted” from other sources.

Learning the rules of the road is an important task that will affect you for many years to come. It is important to use DMV practice tests that you can trust. is based in United States and have been offering free online DMV practice tests since 2009.

Higher Pass Rates

Our practice tests are proven to improve scores and pass rates of almost every student. More than 93% pass their written knowledge test the first time.

Always Updated

Our written practice tests are continuously reviewed and updated. They are customized for each state. There are at least 500+ practice questions for each state. Some states have more than 1,000 questions.

Accurate DMV Practice Tests

While some users find our questions difficult, they are accurate and always based on common rules and state laws.

Tests are designed to encourage thinking and reflection, and improve users knowledge and confidence. Once you master our practice tests, you will have no problems with the real DMV written test.

No Tracking

Everything is web-based, which means that there no software to install. We do not ask for personal data and we do not track your results. When you contact us, we never store your email address and we never spam.

Easy to Use

A common web-based interface makes our tests simple and straight-forward for all users.

100% Free

We do not use gimmicks or teasers and we will not try to sell you something. Our DMV practice tests are always 100% free.

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