Ohio Road Sign Test Practice – 20 Questions



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Road rules – 20 questions

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Road rules – 20 questions

#1. This sign tells you:

Winding Road. You are approaching a series of curves. Slow down and drive carefully.


#2. You approach this sign. What should you expect ahead?

Crossroad ahead (intersection). A road crosses the main highway ahead. Look in all directions for other traffic.


#3. What does this sign mean?

The One-Way sign is used in intersections to indicate streets or roadways upon which traffic is allowed to travel in one direction only. Do not turn against the arrow.


#4. What does this sign mean?

U-turns are not permitted. You cannot turn around and go in the opposite direction.


#5. This road sign means:

Y Intersection. The road branches to the right and left ahead. You must bear either right or left.


#6. Use this center lane to:

Two-way left turn lane. This sign tells you that the center lane is reserved for the exclusive use of left-turning vehicles in either direction. The lane cannot be used for passing, overtaking, or through travel.


#7. What is the background color on a sign directing you to a public park?

Guide signs directing motorists to public parks and recreational areas have a brown background.


#8. When you see a sign with this shape and color, you must:

You must come to a complete stop at the sign, stop line, pedestrian crosswalk, or curb. Wait for any vehicle or pedestrian to clear the way.


#9. The do not enter sign is an example of a regulatory sign and it is:

The Do Not Enter sign is used at intersections of one-way roads and at freeway exit ramps. Do not enter the road or ramp from your direction. (Note that the signs is square, not round.)


#10. This sign means:

Handicapped parking only. Vehicles must display handicapped license plate or placard to use designated area.


#11. What does this sign mean?

Bicycle Crossing. Yield to bicycle riders on any bike trail which crosses a road.


#12. Orange road signs indicate:

Warning signs in the construction series have a distinctive orange background. When motorists see an orange sign, they should be alert, reduce speed, and watch for workers and equipment on the highway.


#13. When you see this sign, how many curves should you expect close ahead?

Reverse curves. The road ahead curves left, then right. Slow down. Compare this sign to the reverse turn sign.


#14. What should you expect ahead?

Divided highway begins ahead. Two-lane highway ends. The highway ahead is divided into two one-way roadways.


#15. What does this sign mean?

Merging Traffic sign. You are approaching a point where other traffic lanes come together with your lane. Traffic merging from right.


#16. A blue sign with a large 'H' guides you to:

Hospital is a word message sign or an H symbol sign. General service signs like this are accompanied with a directional message if used at intersections.


#17. What does this sign mean?

Emphasis has been given to the school and school crosswalk signs through the use of a pentagon shape. The school sign warns motorists that they are approaching a school zone, while the school crosswalk sign identifies established crossings where children are directed to cross a roadway.


#18. This is the shape and color of a:

This is a yield sign. Yield signs mean you must slow down and be ready to stop to let any vehicle, bicyclist, or pedestrian pass before you proceed.


#19. This shape is used for which road signs?

The pennant No Passing Zone sign can be used to supplement the Do Not Pass regulatory sign. It is installed on the left side of the roadway.


#20. What does this sign mean?

Deer crossing. This sign tells you that you are near an area where deer and other wild animals can cross. Slow down and be prepared to stop.

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Ohio Official Driver Knowledge Test

Quick facts about your official driver’s license and learner’s permit test in Ohio:

  Number of Questions: 40
  Correct answers needed: 30
  Passing score: 75 percent
  Time limit: 25 minutes
  Earliest retest upon failure: Next day

This Ohio Road Sign Test Practice

This practice test has 20 questions about road signs described in the Ohio Driver’s Handbook (“Digest of Ohio Motor Vehicle Laws”).

For your written knowledge test in Ohio, you must recognize some common road signs by shape, color, symbols, and messages. This practice quiz can help you prepare for the Ohio road sign test part.

The Official Written Knowledge Test

The official knowledge test in Ohio has 40 questions. 20 questions will address road signs. This part of the test is in English only.

The other 20 questions will check your knowledge of common road rules and Ohio traffic laws, including distracted and impaired driving .

You need a score of 15 correct answers on each part (a passing score of 75%).

Ohio BMV Test Practice

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