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25 road rules questions

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More road sign questions

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25 road rules questions

#1. Where can you expect to see this sign?

This sign tells you that you are at the end of the no-passing zone. You may pass now only when it is safe.


#2. What does this sign mean?

This is a regulatory No U-turn sign. It means that you are not allowed to make a U-turn.


#3. When you see this sign, you should:

The side road sign tells you that there is an intersection ahead. Watch out for traffic entering from the side road and oncoming traffic turning.


#4. The three-sided pennant shape is used for which road signs?

The pennant-shaped, no-passing sign supplements the regulatory do not pass sign. The pennant is located on the left side of a roadway and points to the beginning of a no-passing zone.


#5. This sign means:

Lane drop. Left lane ends, merge right.


#6. At this intersection, cars in the left lane must:

Lane use control signs tell you where you can go or where you can turn and often use an arrow symbol. Cars in left lane may turn left or go straight. Cars in center lane must go straight. Cars in right lane must turn right.


#7. This warning sign means:

Sharp Turn.

The sign is used to warn of a sharp turn.


#8. This sign means:

Two-way traffic ahead. Also used to indicate that you are on a two-way road.


#9. What does this sign indicate?

The One-Way sign is used in intersections to indicate streets or roadways upon which traffic is allowed to travel in one direction only. Do not turn against the arrow.


#10. When you see this sign, you should:

One of the most important caution signs is the stop ahead sign. It is placed far ahead of a stop sign when the driver’s view of the stop sign is blocked by a curve or other objects.


#11. What does this sign mean?

The flagger sign warns drivers of construction or maintenance on the road ahead where a flagger wearing an orange vest is stationed at the site to control traffic.


#12. What does this sign mean?

This is a yield sign.

When you approach the yield sign, you must slow down and yield the right of way. Your need to stop depends on the traffic on the intersecting street. To avoid interfering with that traffic, you must stop and wait for it to pass.

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The North Carolina Road Signs Recognition Test

Key numbers for your official road signs test in North Carolina:

  Test questions:12
  Passing score:80%
  Correct answers:9
  Time limit:No
  Earliest retest if you fail:1 day

What is the North Carolina Knowledge Exam?

In North Carolina, the knowledge examination for a learner’s permit or regular driver’s license consists of two tests:

  Step I: Road Sign Recognition Test (12 questions)
  Step II: Road Rules Test (25 questions)

You must pass both tests with a passing score of 80% for DMV to approve your application and issue a learner’s permit or regular license.

What is the Road Signs Test?

The purpose of the North Carolina road signs test is to make sure you can identify and understand some of the most common traffic signs on North Carolina highways.

On the test, you will see 12 road signs (or just shapes and colors of road signs) and you must correctly identify at least 9 of them.

All signs on the test are described in North Carolina Driver Handbook. Study the complete chapter, including the two road sign charts. There is one chart for warning signs and one for regulatory signs.

Remember that you must also have a good understanding of how shapes and colors are used on traffic signs.

The most important colors and shapes are:

Road Sign Colors – North Carolina
Stop, yield, prohibition
General warning signs
Construction and maintenance areas (work zones)
Guide signs that show directions and distances
Guide signs that show services like hospitals and rest areas
Road Sign Shapes – North Carolina
TriangleYield signs
DiamondWarning signs
Vertical rectangleRegulatory signs
PentagonSchool signs
OctagonStop signs
CircleRailroad advance warning signs

The Handicapped Symbol

In North Carolina, the knowledge tests must always ensure that an applicant recognizes the handicapped international symbol of access.

Handicapped international symbol of access D9 6

No Signs Test When You Renew

You are no longer required to retake the signs test when you renew your North Carolina license.

North Carolina DMV Road Rules Test

You can practice for the second part of your driver’s examination here .

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