School Bus DMV Question – Florida

Passing a School Bus in Florid

School Bus Question on Florida DMV Test

The Question:

You approach a stopped school bus on the opposite side of a highway divided by a five-foot paved strip. The bus is picking up children. In this situation…

  • you should proceed with caution
  • you only need to stop if you are signaled by the driver to do so
  • you must always stop

The answer:

On a two-way street or highway, all drivers moving in either direction must stop for a stopped school bus which is picking up or dropping off children. You must remain stopped until all children are clear of the roadway and the stop arm is withdrawn.

If the highway is divided by a raised barrier or an unpaved median at least five feet wide, you do not have to stop if you are moving in the opposite direction of the bus.

You must always stop if you are moving in the same direction as the bus and you must remain stopped until the bus stop arm is withdrawn.

It is tricky to always read the question right. There is a difference between paved and unpaved strip. Don’t let things like that trick you on the real DMV test!

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