Drivers Prep Tests to Pass the Written Exam

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Drivers Prep Tests for Learner’s Permit and Driver Licenses offers drivers prep tests for all States in U.S.A. The preparation tests are based on the the real DMV tests and the driver handbooks issued by DMV in each State. They are easy to use and completely free. Our online drivers prep courses and practice tests will help you build up your knowledge and make it easy to pass the written exam the first time.

More Questions

Our drivers prep tests cover all parts of your State’s driver’s manual. You will see questions that are the same or very similar to the ones on the real DMV knowledge test. Your confidence will grow each time you take a practice test and you will stop being nervous about the real test.

Practice tests are based on a large number of questions about road signs, safe driving practices, rules of the road, alcohol and drugs, and vehicle equipment. Every time you start a test, you will get new questions. Answers are followed by a brief comment or explanation to help you learn and understand.

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The Best Drivers Prep Tests online

We are confident that our drivers prep tests are the best you can find online. Studies show that nine out ten using our drivers prep tests pass their real test on their first try. We also make sure that all questions and answers are up-to-date at all times.

All our drivers prep tests are free. There are no hidden gimmicks or anything to buy. You stay completely anonymous and we do not save your personal results.

How to Study

  • Get your State’s drivers manual or driver handbook. Read it!
  • Take a drivers prep test.
  • Study the questions you miss. Make sure you understand the answers.
  • Continue taking practice tests and compare with the manual/handbook until you reach a score of at least 90%.

Common Mistakes

  • Don’t try to memorize answers. It is true knowledge that counts, both on the real test and behind the wheel.
  • Don’t rely solely on the experience of others. Rules change over time. So does safe driving practices. Always use the manual as the prime source for your knowledge.
  • Don’t rush it. The more time you use, the better you will learn and remember.

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