Can’t Wait to Pass Your DMV Permit Test?

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Anxious about the DMV Permit Test?

No doubt, most of us get nervous, anxious or feel stressed when it comes to the DMV Permit Test. Probably because the outcome is so important to us.

Taking all of the online permit practice tests available online in the belief that memorizing the questions and answers must have some value, is not uncommon.

Does it help? Yes, studies show that teenagers using only online permit practice tests actually have a higher pass rate than those who only studied the handbook and used the old-fashioned paper and pen.

Isn’t Taking Online Practice Tests Cheating?

Some might think that this online approach is the same as cheating. But in memorizing answers the test takers pick up some of the knowledge being tested. Which is a benefit, since questions on the real DMV knowledge test rarely are the same as on a DMV practice test.

Is Taking Online Practice Tests a Good Way of Studying?

Many think that DMV officials across the country include detailed and useless questions on the real written exam. Things that don’t really matter when you are behind the wheel.

This is not true, and online practice tests will definitely help you to familiarize yourself with details that are easy to miss. Details that could show up the DMV exam. Like penalties, suspension periods and points on your driving record. Such questions are rare, but might appear just to verify that you have read your manual.

Only taking online practice tests is a good way of studying. But it is NOT the best way.

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Don’t Forget the Handbook or Manual

The first thing you should do is to pick up the Drivers Manual or Handbook from your local DMV office. You will need it. Not because of the details mentioned above, but because studying with both the manual and the online practice tests will help you to learn much faster.

Compare facts in the online tests with facts in the manual. Focus on laws and rules that are specific to your state, such as child restraints, leaving unattended children in a vehicle, headlights use, traffic signals with arrows, and right-of-way rules. Many manuals have a specific chapter called something like Other Rules and Laws You Should Know. Make sure you read it carefully.

Read more: Risky Study Tactics (from Driver’s Prep).

Alcohol Awareness

Over the years, State Departments have put more and more emphasis on alcohol and drug awareness in their permit tests. In some cases, you might be required to complete a special alcohol and drug awareness course. Otherwise, you should expect at least one or two questions about alcohol. In some states, you could get even more questions about alcohol.

For your exam, it helps to clearly understand why Drunk Driving is a problem in United States .

Other Subjects on Your Exam

A good way of estimating what might show up on your DMV exam is looking at the length of each chapter in the manual. Lengthy subjects tend to be more likely to show up on your real test.

Prepare Well

Preparing well and anticipating what will show up your test help to reduce some of your anxiousness and stress.

Together with the manual, online practice tests are great resources that you can work through multiple times to verify your knowledge. You will get the details and good feel for the types of questions you will be asked on the real DMV permit test.

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  1. Sam Wilkins // May 20, 2016 at 8:39 pm // Reply

    Great tip about using the manual to study for the permit test. My daughter wants to get her driving permit, but she gets nervous when she takes tests. I’m sure plenty of studying could help her feel more confident when she goes in. I will be sure to pick of a manual to help her study beforehand.

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