Key Tips for Your DMV Driver’s License Test

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Ready for Your DMV Driver’s License Test?

Are you ready for your DMV driver’s license test or permit exam?

Steer yourself successfully through the exam with the following key tips!

Driver’s License Exam Basics

A driver’s license exam is basically comprised of two parts, a written exam and a road test (think theory and practical). The exam will test your knowledge and understanding of general rules of driving and traffic laws. It is usually conducted at DMV’s local test centers. The road test is designed to gauge your driving skills and proficiency in completing basic road maneuvers. A Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) examiner will observes your skills and grade you.

Tips for the Written Theory Test

Hit the books!

Studying thoroughly is crucial. Do it for the sake of understanding rules and laws, and not simply for passing the written knowledge test. A thorough study will boost your confidence as you approach the actual test. Here are a few hints to take you in the right direction:

Prepare — Research requirements for obtaining a driver’s license in your state and make sure you meet these requirements are complete before you step foot into your local vehicle registration office. You don’t want to be sent home because you didn’t bring all necessary documents.

Review your driver’s manual – Available online and through local DMV offices. The handbook bring all the rules of the road and safe driving practices in one place. It is basically the only booklet you need, but it doesn’t hurt to study material published online by your state’s Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Public Safety. This applies to both novice drivers and drivers with driving experience. A recent study showed that seasoned drivers with long experience behind the wheel actually scored worst on DMV sample questions.

Practice with license or permit practice tests — Understand how the actual exam will look like. A DMV practice exam will let you review state-specific traffic laws, safe driving practices, road signs, and more. You need to take our practice tests several times to get repetition and variety. Read questions and comments carefully.

Start early – There is much to study and waiting until the last minute to start is recipe for a last minute cram-night disaster.

Rest the day before the exam — Avoid the impulse to cram some facts at the last moment. This will just add to your anxiety. Go out, have some fun, and relax. Think positive, you have done all you can and you are definitely ready for the DMV driver’s license test.

Tips for the Road Test

Theory can take you only so far, and prior experience in driving is the best preparation possible for your road test.

If you had a learner’s permit or learner’s license, you have already had supervised driving for several months. Make sure you have completed all parts of the necessary practice.

If you’re a seasoned driver, stack your skills, find out what the DMV examiner will be observing and consider where you might need to improve. Parallel parking is often a pitfall for even the most experienced drivers.

Practice in advance of the actual test, and you’ll feel more confident when taking the wheel beside the DMV examiner.

Take the Test

All it takes is a little preparation and concentration to grasp the theory and get a hang of taking the wheel besides an observer. Prepare well, take a deep breath, and walk into the exam. Take your time, it’ll turn out fine!

Good luck!

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