Vulgar Message from DMV

Ashlee's DL

Ashlee's DL

Ashlee Lineberger of Englewood recently mailed in her $48 renewal fee for a new license and when she got her new state-issued ID back in the mail, she noticed that something was wrong.

The line that was supposed to display her street address was replaced by a vulgar message, “Eat Ass”.

The state Department of Motor Vehicles in Florida has no clue how the mishap occurred.

When Ashlee and her husband went to the local DMV to get some answers, all they got was laughter and a quote for another fee if they wanted the license fixed.


“They thought it was hilarious like it was some kind of joke,” Ashlee’s husband says. “Then they wanted us to pay for another license!”

But on Wednesday, state officials contacted Lineberger to apologize for the error and told her a new license – free of charge – would be in the mail.

Of course.


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