Practice Tests for Your Virginia Driver’s License Exam

Virginia DMV Driver's Manual

Virginia DMV Practice Tests Updated

The free Virginia DMV practice tests for your learner’s permit or driver’s license exam are updated to match the latest version of the Virginia Driver’s Manual.

With these DMV practice questions, you can verify your knowledge about traffic signs, motor vehicle laws, and safe driving practices. As you familiarize yourself with all information in the Virginia Driver’s Manual, practice tests help you check your progress.

A Two-part Test

The official DMV test has two parts. The first part will test your knowledge about on traffic signs. You must correctly answer 10 questions in this part before you can take part two of the exam. The second part tests your general knowledge about rules of the road with multiple choice questions.

On the second part, you must answer at least 80 percent correctly to pass your driver’s license exam.

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What Happens If You Fail the Virginia Driver’s License Exam

If you are under age 18, 15 full days must pass before you can retake the exam. So, it is a good idea to make sure you are really ready for the test the first time. If you are age 18 or older, you can retake the exam within 15 days, but must pay a $2.00 re-examination fee.

Should you fail the two-part knowledge exam three times, you must complete the Virginia approved Driver Training School program (classroom part). To be eligible for re-examination, the course completion date must be after the date of the third exam failure.

Don’t Take Snapshots of the Test

Virginia is very strict about any form of cheating. It is unlawful to even attempt to secure or provide answers to any parts of an exam. It is also against the rules to have unauthorized possession of an exam or exam answers.

A personal copy of answers from this site is not against the law, if you keep a copy for your own personal use.

How the Practice Tests Work

At, all questions are integrated in the same test. There are approximately 5 questions about road signs and 20 questions about rules and safe driving. To “pass” the practice test you should have 21 correct answers. To give yourself some margins the real driver’s license exam, you should aim for a score of at least 92 percent (23 correct answers).

You can take the practice test several times, and see new questions each time. All tests consist of a set of randomly selected questions from a large database.

As always, all our practice tests are free and we don’t ask for your name or email address. No gimmicks, no tricks. Simply free.

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