The Worst and The Best Driver’s Manual 2013

The Best and Worst Driver's Manuals

Struggling With Your Manual?

Are you struggling with your driver’s manual? Do you think it is hard to take in the information you need?

You are not alone, and you should know that some manuals are worse than others. And some are better!

What We Think You Should Expect

Your state Driver’s Manual or Handbook is the most important piece of information when preparing for a learner’s permit exam or the license knowledge test.

The manual defines what it is that you are expected to know and will be held responsible for knowing.

It must be accurate and easy to read. It should also be able to use as a reference aid with access to the individual items of information on an as-needed basis. This is usually achieved by relatively brief, self-contained sections, headings that clearly identify the content of each section, and a detailed subject index.

The use of pictures, diagrams, and other graphic displays are important and often give a more lasting impression than text.

Practice test questions in the manual surely helps when studying for your test.

The Worst 2013

Mississippi still haven’t fixed the 2011 version. It contains numerous errors, a totally incomprehensible design, and a mixture of over-simplified language and lengthy excerpts from the law. The online pdf-version is just impossible to read and is lacking many of the graphics. Other graphics unnecessarily take up a whole page. There is also a frustrating lack of answers to the practice questions.

In short, this manual gives the impression of an amateur’s work. It is simply unworthy of a state department and just as bad as it can get. Furthermore, The Mississippi Department of Public Safety did not respond to our inquiries and apparently just ignores the problem.

The Texas handbook, new in 2012, is also one of the really bad handbooks out there.

The Best 2013

Now, let us look at the best. We really like the California Handbook because of its accurate and simple language. We also like Florida’s manual, because the coverage of everything you need to know to be a safe driver. We don’t miss any information here.

New York State Driver’s Manual is also very good. We especially like the use of practice questions after each chapter.

The Winner 2013

The winner this year, however, is Virginia Driver’s Manual. Great design, easy to read, perfect use of pictures and other graphics, and just enough information.


  1. Mississippi DMV should also get a better website

  2. Georgia is an awful manual cluttered with ads

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