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Texas Driver Handbook - 2012 - Licenseroute

New Driver Handbook and New Texas Free Practice Tests

The state of Texas does not update their driver’s handbook too often. When the 2012 version is issued it has been four years since the previous version (2008).

For a long time, the Texas handbook gave new driver’s outdated information. At the same time, the Texas handbook was one of the most difficult to digest. It had more than 200 pages and a very technical language.

So, this is a long-awaited new version.

Many states offer slim and modern manuals with easy language and nice illustrations. I was hoping for a totally reworked Texas version, but no! Even if the number of pages in the 2012 handbook is less, very little has been done about the content.

What is even worse, the new handbook is full of errors. Mostly spelling errors and typos, but come on!

I know. I DO make the same mistakes sometimes, but then again I am not backed by state funding or taxpayer’s money.

Just some examples of how some simple things should have been avoided:

Page 18: All vehicles are required to have tires in proper and safe condition with a minimum depth of 2/23 of an inch. (Correct is 2/32. The 2008 version had this right)

Page 46: Choose a space large enough for your car to fit. Signal then stop even with the front of the car about two feet out from the space. (…Space? The 2008 version more correctly stated: Choose a space large enough for your car. Signal, stop even with front car about two feet out from it.)

Page 60: However, if you have been drinking or are under the influence of drugs, your judgment may turn into, “Sure, take may car.” (Stupid spelling error, easy to spot)

Page 62: If the crash resulted in death or damage to property of $1,000 or more, you must make a written report (by law, it is injury or death, or damage to property of $1,000 or more)

There are several more examples!

Hopefully I caught them all when revising the Texas Free Practice Tests.

Should, however, any of the small errors have made it to the test, let me know.

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