New Design

2011 Design Update If you visited before, you probably noticed that the web design now has changed. We have fixed several flaws in the previous one, and hope that the site will be [ Read more ]

Getting a List of Missed Questions

Today we got a really valuable comment from one our users: “Wording is often confusing. Give a print out of the ones a person got wrong.” Yes, we agree. Wording can be confusing. And many [ Read more ]

The Real Cheat?

The Importance of Knowledge When did safety become annoying? And who do you want to meet on the road? Somebody who can follow rules and know what to do in an emergency? Or somebody who doesn’t? [ Read more ]

Official Launch of License Route

I am proud to announce the launch of today. It contains complete preparation tests for your California DMV written exam. More states will follow this summer and fall. [ Read more ]