More Questions for Pennsylvania

The driver’s manual for Pennsylvania contains several good sample questions for your driver’s license. On you will find additional questions. More than 500! It is the [ Read more ]

A Full Score

Nora asks: “How many questions do I need to get right to get a 100 score?” The answer: Well, it all depends. Basically, if you answer all questions correctly, you get a 100% score. But I [ Read more ]

How Many Alternatives?

June M asks: “Does the DMV ever accept “ALL OF THE ABOVE” as an answer? I didn’t think so. I thought you had 3 choices and only 1 was acceptable.” Even if tests differ [ Read more ]

Introducing New Tests for Illinois

We have now added preparation tests for your Illinois driver’s license. More than 500 questions, covering the major part of the drivers handbook. As always, completely free and with no hidden [ Read more ]