Preparation Test

Best Way to Prepare for Your Permit Test in 2015

Most teenagers do not give the preparations enough time. Make sure you study the driver's manual and use the permit test practice questions correctly. A well-structured preparation phase will not only help you pass the permit test - it will also help you become a better driver.

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Introducing New Tests for Illinois

We have now added preparation tests for your Illinois driver’s license. More than 500 questions, covering the major part of the drivers handbook. As always, completely free and with no hidden [ Read more ]

Getting a List of Missed Questions

Today we got a really valuable comment from one our users: “Wording is often confusing. Give a print out of the ones a person got wrong.” Yes, we agree. Wording can be confusing. And many [ Read more ]

All States

In 2007, introduced free preparation tests for Texas drivers license. These test have now permanently moved to is at the same time updated to be the [ Read more ]