Driver’s Handbook

The Worst and The Best Driver’s Manual 2013

Are you struggling with your driver's manual? You should know that some driver's manuals are worse than others. And some are better! We announce the best manual 2013, and the worst! One state manual gives the impression of an amateur's work. It is simply unworthy of a state department and just as bad as it can get. Find out which state it is. [ Read more ]

Updated Practice Tests

As you already know our free practice tests will test your driving knowledge and rules of the road so you can be sure you are ready when taking the real knowledge test. During the past week we have [ Read more ]

Reporting Errors

I truly appreciate when users of this site find and report faults. Faults sometimes occurs when a state changes the laws or revise its handbook (driver’s manual). From time to time I have also [ Read more ]