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  • How to Pass the Vermont Permit Test

    There are a few simple steps you can take to make sure you will pass the Vermont Permit or Driver License exam the first time. This way you will avoid additional and unnecessary trips to the driver license office.

      Start by getting a copy of the Vermont driver's manual or handbook. You can also download the pdf-version online.

      Read the manual to get an understanding of what is required for your permit examination. Pay special attention to specific state rules.

      Take a handful practice tests to check your current knowledge and progress.

      Discuss difficult questions with friends, family, teachers, or driver instructors. Be careful not to rely solely on the online practice tests. Work actively to ensure better understanding. Remember, true understanding of the rules of the road is your key to success.

      Recheck facts in the driver's manual whenever you are in doubt of an answer.

      Practice with the online tests until you reach a score well above 80 percent - the passing score in Vermont.

      The best way to learn is to alternate between checking the handbook and practice with a DMV written test.

    Good luck!