Shouldn’t All Passengers Wear Their Seat Belt?

New York State

New York State

Shouldn’t all passengers in the car wear their seat belt?

This is one of the most common comments we get on questions included in our tests.

The answer is, yes, they should!

But there is an important difference between what the law requires and what you should do. Many states (like New York State) only require the driver and adult passengers to wear seat belts in the front seat.

Children should always wear seat belts or use a child safety restraint system. In New York, as an example, that is also the law.

Read more: New York State’s occupant restraint law and Seat Belt Laws in U.S.


  1. All passengers in the car should be wearing seat belts in case of an incident. Passengers in the backseat can get jolted forward just as much as passengers in the front.


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