Save Money with Car Insurance Price Comparisons


Have no idea how much you should pay for an auto insurance? Here is help!

If you visit The National Association of Insurance Commissioners website, they have a map that lists regulators. Click on your state and you’re taken to the state’s Department of Insurance Website.

You are likely to find a consumer buying guide that compares insurance premiums across a range of companies.

You have to enter information about you, where you live, the kind of car you drive, how you use your car and the policy limits you want. Insurance companies use this information to determine the rates they charge.

Once you’ve entered your information, you select something like Get Sample Rates. This will get you a list of all the companies in the state database and sample rate estimates. Usually, you can also select a company and view a detailed comparison of rate and policy information.

The top insurers are often required to submit sample rates. Others submit data voluntarily. Please note that there may be other companies in your area that sell car insurance and that are not listed on the web site.

You should also be aware that the site only list sample rates. They are estimates provided by the insurance companies. Your premium will be based on your own individual circumstances. Your actual premium could be higher or lower than the sample rates. To learn exactly what you will have to pay for coverage, you must contact the company or an agent directly for a rate quote. The sample rates should, however, give you a basic idea of what you can expect to pay.

Should you always go for the policy with the cheapest rate?

No, not necessarily. In addition to price, you want to look at customer service record and financial strength rating. You also want to consider how many complaints each company has logged. Are other customers happy with their insurance company or not? Are claims paid promptly or not?

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