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Roadwise RX

Roadwise RX
You already know that alcohol impair your driving skills. The plain and simple fact is that you cannot drive safely when you have been drinking alcohol. Good judgment and vision are extremely important to your driving. Both are affected by small amounts of alcohol.

Even if your Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is below the legal limits you can be arrested and convicted of driving while impaired or driving under the influence.

Did you also know that many drugs have the same effect?

Unfortunately, many drivers lack knowledge when it comes to how drugs affect their driving. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs come with warnings about possible side effects. Those warnings are often ignored.

One of the most common and most dangerous instances of impaired driving occurs when people mix alcohol with prescription and over-the-counter drugs. For example, when alcohol is combined with another depressant, like tranquilizers or sedatives, the results are not just added together – they are multiplied. The results can be devastating.

Remember, if a police officer deems you unfit to drive, you’ll be arrested and taken to the police station for further investigation. Here, you may be tested for the presence of drugs. Drug driving is considered just as serious as drunk driving, and carries the same penalties.

Roadwise RX is a free online tool for understanding how medications may affect you and your driving. You enter the name of all medications that you are currently taking, both prescribed and over-the counter.

AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s program Roadwise RX will find any interactions between your medications and all side effects that can affect your driving.

Read it before you get behind the wheel.

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