Reporting Errors



I truly appreciate when users of this site find and report faults.

Faults sometimes occurs when a state changes the laws or revise its handbook (driver’s manual). From time to time I have also been know to make spelling errors. I am sorry about that.

This week, John pointed out that the pennant shape traffic sign (No passing zone) is not mentioned in the California handbook. So this question is now removed from the California test. Thank you, John.

This means that I read all your comments and double-check all your comments.

Most of the time, however, users just fail to read the question or the alternatives correctly. Or have misunderstood the requirements of the law.

If you think that you have found several faults in one single test, please think twice. And if you see the fault still remaining after several days, you can be perfectly sure that you have missed something.


  1. I like the questions and like the site but would like to continue without starting over and also the system is slow in responding. Thanks

    • I don’t really see any other solution then “starting over” after a set of questions. The “starting over” randomly picks a new set of questions. An endless row of questions just doesn’t make sense to me.

      But I agree on the slow performance (usually in evenings). Servers are located in Europe, and it might not be the best solution for us. I promise I will investigate this further.

  2. I am very impressed with your site. It helped me a lot.

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