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Nebraska Permits and Driver’s Licenses

All first-time applicants for a learner’s permit or driver’s license must take and pass the written knowledge test. For a Provisional Operator’s Permit, the written knowledge test can be waived if you have completed a DMV approved driver safety course. For an Operator’s License (Class O) the test can be waived if the applicant held a Provisional Operator’s Permit and completed the DMV approved driver safety course.

You may also be required to pass the written knowledge test when you transfer an out-of-country or out-of-state license to a Nebraska license, or when you want to have a revoked or suspended license reinstated.

More information can be found in the Nebraska driver’s manual.

Practice Tests

When you start studying for a Permit or Operator’s License, we recommend that you carefully study the driver’s manual and then test your knowledge by taking several practice tests.

We offer more than 600 questions based on the latest version of the Nebraska Driver’s Manual. These questions cover the complete manual and things you are likely to see on your real knowledge test.

Each answer also has a brief comment or explanation to help you understand the answer. This will make your learning process easy, productive, and rewarding.

Why We Are Better

With many questions covering all aspects of the manual you will build up both knowledge and confidence. You will have a much better chance of passing your test with real knowledge rather than memorized phrases.


Nebraska Free DMV Practice Tests

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