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Audi A6

The road is not exactly a place of intelligence. You read about it. You hear about it in the news. You witness it every day on your commute. Which is exactly why Audi engineered the highly intelligent new Audi A6 – built to combat whatever genius-ness the road throws its way. These spots shed some light on the current state of our unintelligent roads and drivers, offering up a solution in the new A6 – a technologically advanced car that makes 2000 decisions every second.

In a new commercial for its redesigned 2012 A6 series, Audi portrays American drivers as unintelligent and driving on third-world roads.

If you agree you can Take The Pledge with Audi, and improve your driving habits. When entering, you can win a trip for two to the Audi Sportscar Experience Challenge at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, California.

Audi is quick to point out that the new A6 is a Top Safety Pick, and that it’s available with Audi’s Pre-Sense Plus system. This system warns the driver and even applies the brakes with maximum force in a pending frontal collision.

When we visited the site, only 2656 visitors had entered. And that was probably not the drivers that really need to sign it. Maybe there is a fairly good chance of winning?

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  1. Well, a lot of American roads are crap. Aren’t they.

  2. 13477 on Oct 14. Not a super hit. Might be going to the Audi sportscar experience. Thanks!

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