Oregon DMV Tests

When you apply for a driver’s license or permit in Oregon, the Department of Transportation or DMV must administer an examination. This examination asks questions about road signs, traffic laws and other information you need to know to drive in Oregon. All information necessary to pass this test is included in the Oregon Driver Manual.

You can test your knowledge with DMV’s sample knowledge test. Two sample tests (20 questions) are provided to show you the type of questions asked on the knowledge test and to demonstrate how the test is conducted in the field office.

At licenseroute.com you will find more than 500 questions covering all important parts of the manual. This should give you enough of practice before taking the real test.

Make sure you read the Oregon Driver Manual carefully. Then take as many of our practice tests as you need. When you are confident that you can answer most of the questions, you are ready for your real test.

Some days are busier than others at the DMV office. Try to go when it is not so busy and avoid the long wait. A long wait will just make you feel more anxious.

Get a good night’s sleep the night before the exam. Avoid discussing with other students about preparations. It often adds to existing exam stress.

When doing your test, read all questions carefully. Don’t just jump to a quick conclusion. Each word is important so it is vital to read and thoroughly understand each question and the various alternatives to it.

Take special note of negative phrasing. Words like not and false, changes the ball game.

Try not to get stuck on difficult questions. Go back and do the hard ones later. Do not skip them, unless you have already passed.


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