New Practice Tests for Your Oklahoma Permit

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Get Your Oklahoma Permit or Driver License

The law says that you must pass certain tests to show that you can drive a car or motorcycle legally and safely before you can get your Oklahoma Permit or Driver License.

You apply for your permit or license and take your tests at a Driver Testing Facility operated by the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.

For the Class D license, there are three tests: the vision screening, the written test, and the driving test.

The questions for a Class D license knowledge test are all based on the information in the Oklahoma Driver’s Manual. You will be asked about Oklahoma traffic laws, safe driving practices, and drug and alcohol laws. You should also know local traffic laws for your city or town.

How should you prepare?

You should always study the manual carefully. Some details in the manual can seem irrelevant or insignificant for your driving skills, but everything is there for a reason and questions on your test are taken from all parts of the manual.

Take as many practice tests as you can. They help you understand what the real written test is all about. They also help you lose the fear and be more confident.

Updated Practice Tests

We have updated our practice tests for the Oklahoma driver’s license or learner’s permit. They now have many more questions, together with useful explanations.

Remember, the idea with our practice tests is not to try to cram everything into your short-term memory or for you to memorize answers.

You need to fully understand laws and safe driving practices. Don’t rush this knowledge.

Always read each question and all the answers given. Don’t jump to conclusions based on what you think looks familiar.

If you skip reading one or more of the answers for a question, you risk missing the best answer (which means you risk getting the question wrong).

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