New Jersey MVC Practice Tests

New Jersey Driver Manual
You can now find complete coverage of the New Jersey Driver Manual on More than 500 sample questions for your driver’s license test.

All applicants for a New Jersey license must pass the written MVC knowledge test. To become familiar with all license requirements and traffic laws you should study the manual carefully. Do not try to skip this part. With knowledge you will not only pass your driver’s license exam with ease, you will also become a much better and safer driver.

There are a lot of details in the manual that might seem irrelevant or insignificant for your driving skills. Remember, everything in the manual is there for a reason.

When taking the MVC knowledge test, you must be able to identify traffic signs by color and shape and explain what they mean. You must also know traffic laws, requirements and common safe driving practices.

Our practice tests cover all main chapters in the manual. Every test has 25 random questions, and you should be able to answer at least 20 correctly. The real MVC test has 50 questions and you must have 40 correct answers to pass.

You can take your practice test as many times as you want. There is nothing to buy and we don’t ask for your email address or anything else. Everything is simply free, the way it should be.

Each of our tests is generated from a large database of questions. After 3-4 tests you should have covered all the main areas. After 10-15 tests you should have built up both knowledge and confidence!

We recommend that you have at least 24 correct answers on each test, before visiting an MVC Agency or Testing Center. Keep in mind that most people still fail at their first attempt. You don’t have to be one.



  1. I need samples for written driving test.

  2. Some say that the NJ written test is the hardest permit test in US. It is not unusual that people fail several times before they get their permit. With the practice tests on this website I think everyone has a very good chance of passing.

    1. Read the driver’s manual. You will not be able to remember everything, but you get a good idea of what the written permit test will contain.

    2. Take several tests over a period of some weeks. Compare facts with the text in the manual. I took more than 50 practice tests before I did the real thing

    The passing score on practice tests and the real MVC test is 80%. Out of 50 questions on the real written test, you have to answer 40 questions correctly.

    When you take the MVC test, you should skip questions on which you are not sure. Then attempt skipped questions at end – if needed. With a bad result, you want to see as many questions as possible before the test ends. It will help you the next time – should you fail!

    But as I said, I found these practice tests a very good help.

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