Missouri Issues New Driver’s Licenses

Missouri has Started Issuing a New Type of Driver’s License

This month the state of Missouri started issuing a new type of Driver’s License. Like in many other states, it means the end of receiving your driver’s license over-the-counter.

Instead you will walk out with a temporary paper license. The temporary license is valid for 30 days from the date of issuance. If you have an old license, you may keep the old license card which will be punched “VOID.”

Your new permanent license will be produced at a single, secure facility, and arrive in the mail in about one or two weeks. Mailing the license or identification card is also intended to detect and prevent fraud and identity theft by requiring a valid address.

The new license includes security features such as a laser perforation. If you hold the license up to a light, it will reveal a “MO” perforation. The card also has special printing that reacts to UV light.

Missouri Driver's License - New and Old

Under 21 Years

Under-21 licenses will have a new, vertical format.

Header Color will indicate what type of license you have, like Intermediate Driver License in purple and Instruction Permit in Brown.

If you already have a license, the new type will be issued to you when you renew, apply for a duplicate, or change your address on your license or card.

License offices around the state will be converted to the new process at the rate of about 15 offices per week. The roll-out should complete in April 2013.


  1. On the new 2019 driver license, on the bottom right hand side it have another picture with the word Donor. If you not a donor will that picture and word be there??

    • The Department of Revenue will issue the Real ID compliant license later this spring. If you are not a donor, the space should be empty.

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