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New Orleans - Photo by Didier Moïse

Louisiana Written Knowledge Test

Are you preparing for your written knowledge test in the state of Louisiana? Do you need to practice for your learner’s permit? Do you want to know what questions you will get on the test?

Look no further. You have come to the right place. We have all the questions and all the information you need to pass your test.

Louisiana Requirements

To get a learner’s permit, you must be fifteen (15) years of age. You must also complete thirty (30) hours classroom instruction and eight (8) hours behind the wheel driving instruction.

New residents have to obtain a Louisiana license within 30 days of moving to the state. Some are required to take the knowledge test.

The knowledge test in Louisiana is actually a test consisting of two parts:

Traffic Sign Test

You must know the meaning of standard road signs and traffic signals and be able to identify certain signs by shape, color and/or symbol.

Knowledge Test

You will be given written questions about your responsibility as a driver, including knowledge of laws and safe driving practices. All subjects you need to know is covered in the Louisiana driver’s manual

Where Do You Take the Test?

Louisiana law allows Third party examiners to administer road skills tests for Class D and E licenses. Examiners must be certified through the Office of Motor Vehicles.

This Is The Free Alternative

Remember, this site will not charge for practice tests. You can take as many as you want. All for free. We also have the largest database with more than 500 questions.

About the Louisiana Free Practice Tests

Each test is randomly created and has 25 questions. 80% is the passing score, but you should aim higher. Try to get at least 90% when you practice. It helps you to pass the real test.

Start your free Louisiana Free Practice Tests.

Good Luck.

New Orleans – Photo by Didier Moïse


  1. where do u take the pratice test???????

  2. Go to the top of the page: Take a free test

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