Kentucky Road Signs and What They Mean – 10 Signs You Must Know



This is a passing score. Do you want to try again with new questions?

The road sign test

Or try the 30-question knowledge test?

Kentucky permit test practice

This is not a passing score. Do you want to try again with new questions?

The road sign test

Or try the 30-question knowledge test?

Kentucky permit test practice

#1. What does this sign mean?

You may not turn right or left during the red light where these signs are posted. You must wait for the signal to turn green.


#2. What does this sign mean?

Sharp left and right turns / reverse turns

This sign is used in advance of two turns that have advisory speeds of 30 mph or less.


#3. A combination of these two signs tells you:

Pedestrian crossing. Watch for people crossing the street. Slow down or stop if necessary.

Signs may have a separate downward-pointing arrow plaque, which indicates the actual location of the crosswalk.


#4. A road sign with the vertical rectangular shape generally indicates:

Vertical signs, including square signs, are generally used for regulatory signs. They give instructions or tell you the rules of the road. Some warning signs may also have this shape.

In the horizontal position, the signs generally give directions or information.


#5. This sign means:

Low clearance. Do not enter if your vehicle is taller than the height listed on the sign.


#6. What does this sign mean?

Divided highway ahead (divided highway begins).

The highway ahead is divided into two one-way roadways. Keep to the right.


#7. What does this sign mean?

Winding road. There are several curves ahead. Drive slowly and carefully.


#8. What does this sign mean?

If you drive past the wrong way sign you are going in the wrong direction and could get into a head-on crash with vehicles headed your way. Cautiously turn around.


#9. What is the meaning of this sign?

Traffic signal ahead. This sign warns of traffic signals at the intersection ahead. Slow down. Poor visibility is likely.


#10. What does this sign mean?

This is a regulatory No Bicyclists sign. It means that no bicyclists are allowed on the road.

Remember that a red circle with a slash means no. The sign shows you what is not allowed.

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Kentucky Official Driver License Test

Quick facts about the driver’s license and learner’s permit test in Kentucky:

  Road sign Questions: 10
  Road rules: 30
  Passing score: 80% on each test
  Correct answers needed: 8 + 24
  Earliest retest upon failure: 1 day

Kentucky Knowledge Test

The Kentucky knowledge exam for a learner’s permit or full driver’s license is a two-part examination.

Part I: 30 road rules questions
Part II: 10 road signs questions

The first part has 30 multiple-choice questions about Kentucky traffic regulations, common rules of the road, and safe driving practices. You must answer 24 questions correctly (80%) to pass this part.

The second part is 10-question road sign identification test. You must recognize common Kentucky road signs and explain what they mean. With 8 correct answers you will reach the passing score (80%) on this part.

Kentucky Road Signs Practice Test

This practice test focuses only on the Kentucky road signs and what they mean. You should be able to recognize 10 common highway signs based on color, shape, symbols, and word messages.

Just like the real examination, the test is random. A set of 10 random signs are picked from the more than 70 road signs that are described in the Driver Manual.

You can take this practice test as many ties as you need to learn the meaning of all the signs.

To prepare for the first part of the exam, you can use this practice test: Kentucky Permit Test Practice .

Kentucky Permit Test Practice - Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Everything is in the Kentucky Driver Manual

Kentucky DMV base all questions on the information in the Driver’s Manual . Everything you need to study for your examination is found in this manual.

Don’t forget to pay attention to how shapes and colors are used to give basic messages about the meaning of road signs.

The most important colors and shapes are:

Road Sign Colors – Kentucky
Red: Stop, prohibition
Yellow: General warning
Orange: Construction and maintenance (work zone)
Green: Directional guidance, movements permitted
Road Sign Shapes – Kentucky
Triangle Equilateral triangle: Yield signs
Diamond Diamond: Warning signs
Vertical rectangle Vertical rectangle: Regulatory signs
Pentagon Pentagon (five-sided): School signs
Octagon Octagon (eight-sided): Stop signs
Circle Circle: Railroad advance warning signs


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