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Car Buying Tips for New Drivers

I have visited several times during the years. In fact, I thought this site was as common knowledge as is today.

But I was wrong. Several of my friends say they never heard of it! has a huge amount of information. Unless you are a senior with a lot of own experience (and mistakes), this is the place to go!

You will find valuable advice and car financing strategies for first time car buyers, teens, high school students and their parents. A lot to read? Yes, it is. But believe me, you will thank me afterwards!

I love advice such as this: “If you cannot squeeze that car loan into 48 months, do not buy that car, you are heading down a path of destruction”. It is so true. No fun still paying for a car that is five years old. No fun at all.

And of course, you will learn everything about dealer scams and tricks to watch out for, and how to deal with aggressive salespeople.

Worst Car Sales People

Friends, who lived in Europe and arrive in USA, can’t really believe what they see. In some respect, we have the worst car sales people all categories.

Not saying that everyone is aggressive, though. Carmax, I think is a great exception.

The site also has some short and good information about teen driver safety. If you are about to take your driver license and buy your first car, please read the pages for first time buyers.

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