Fighting Traffic Tickets

This is nothing new. You probably heard it all before. But it might be worth repeating.

If you get pulled over by a traffic officer, here is what you should do:

1. Place both hands on the wheel, pull down your window and wait.

2. Don’t say or do anything until asked or directed by the officer.

3. Don’t argue, say “Yes, officer” or “No, officer” to everything. Don’t try to explain. Don’t admit to anything.

4. Be polite. Don’t try to be a smart ass.

5. Act surprised, even ignorant or scared. But don’t put up a show.

6. Take a note of everything about the situation, exact location, weather, traffic, position on the road (like which lane you were driving in), questions asked, and more! Write everything done as soon as possible.

7. Afterwards, always plead “not guilty.” This may be at a pre-trial appearance, or by sending in the ticket with “not guilty” plea.

8. When you got a court date, put it off. Meaning you stall and delay as long as you can.

9. If in court, remember that the officer must appear and prove that you are guilty. Your chance of wining is that he doesn’t show, or doesn’t remember the details, and thus, cannot prove that you are guilty

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