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DMV Written Tests Updates

Several new and updated questions have been added to our free DMV written test practice in April. Notable are large updates for Oregon DMV tests, California DMV tests, and Delaware DMV practice tests. As always, the database for each state consists of at least 500 question. Most states have a lot more questions.

Our California written test practice for permit or full driver’s license is now based on more than 1,200 question. The practice tests for Delaware have more than 1,100 questions. The Oregon DMV tests are based on more than 900 questions.

Our Practice Tests are Constantly Reviewed

To reflect the ever-changing rules of the road and state law, our practice tests undergo continuous scrutiny by our team of instructors and administrators. They should always be up to date with current state manuals or driver handbooks, and state knowledge tests.

Parents’ Involvement

The greatest risk of traffic crashes is among teenage drivers. In fact, drivers aged 16 to 19 years of age have the highest crash and traffic violation rates. That is why we encourage parents’ involvement in their teen’s learning. In fact, when setting out to learn something new it is of great help to have someone to discuss with. Instead of just learning single facts, teens should try to look at the broader picture and understand why and how.

We hope that the large number of questions with brief explanations should provide a good basis for reflections and discussions. If there is anything we need to improve, let us know. If you think these tests are a great help, let others know!

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