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Washington D.C.

The District of Columbia Update

We have updated our practice tests for District of Columbia and added more than 100 questions. The total number of questions available for your permit practice tests or practice tests for a full license now exceeds 600 DMV questions.

This means that every aspect of the D.C. Driver’s Manual is covered in our tests. Questions on the real test will not be exactly the same, but they will touch the same subjects.

The D.C. Examination

If you are between less than 20 years old, the official computerized knowledge test will have 30 questions. To pass, you must answer at least 24 questions correctly (80%). If you are older, the test has 25 questions and you must answer at least 24 questions correctly (80%).

The official knowledge test is designed to check your knowledge of traffic laws, rules of the road, motor vehicle laws, and safe driving practices. All information you need is included in the driver’s manual. Do not forget to read it!

There will be a $10 fee charged each time you take the knowledge test. No appointment is needed.

Make sure you know your stuff before you line up at the DMV office. If you fail the test, you must wait 72 hours before you can take a new test. Should you fail six times, you will not be allowed to retest until one year from the first failed test date.

How to Pass your Permit Test

1. Study the Manual – No matter what your friends say, don’t skip this.

2. Take a handful of practice tests each day for at least a week. Most users practice for 10 days or more.

3. Make sure you understand questions and answers. Don’t just memorize.

4. Make sure you hit a score of 90% or more with ease, otherwise give it another week.

5. When doing your final test, stay calm. Don’t read anything into questions that isn’t there. Take your time.

District of Columbia Practice Test – 600 DMV Questions


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