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Car accident

Car accident


Anonymous has the following comment regarding defensive driving and your responsibilty to protect other drivers from their own mistakes.

This question is very confusing and I would think incorrect. How can you protect someone else from their own mistakes? The best you can do is protect yourself from their mistakes. If you see that the car ahead of you has pulled out in front of a car and is about to get hit, how would you protect that driver? Ram the car coming towards it to prevent the two from colliding? Throw a pillow between the two cars? It’s not your job to keep every car on the road safe from each other, only to protect yourself from other peoples mistakes.

Our answer:

Remember, in some states, the law requires drivers to protect each other from their own mistakes. As an example, this is clearly stated in the Texas Driver’s handbook.

In general, you must always look for any trouble spots developing around you. If another driver makes a mistake and you are in a position where you can stop that mistake from turning into an accident, you must do so.

Don’t go out there with an attitude that your job is “only” to protect yourself from other peoples mistakes, is not good start.

Please think about this question again.

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