California DMV Contact System Broken

California DMV logo

No real Live Person Will Ever Read or Answer

Sometimes things just get ridiculous. I scanned the webpage of California DMV. Trying to figure out how many questions the written exam consisted of. And how many correct answers were needed to pass. Couldn’t find the answers. So I used the contact form on their site.

As always, you get an auto reply from the system. You always do. But who ever reads those?

Well, with California DMV you must. Because you have to reply. And when you do, you get another auto reply directing you to a webpage that the system think you are looking for.

Meaning, this is a totally automated contact system!

No real live person will ever read or answer.

For awhile I was speechless. Who needs that? Ever heard of search function?

And it makes you wonder. Since it is a totally automated contact system, why was the first auto-reply needed? When all you got was just another auto-reply.

Now, I might be a stupid person since I used the contact form three times and missed the information that it was totally automated. I just couldn’t imagine that anybody would set up something like this. When I use a contact form, it is because I want to get in contact with someone. Phone is not always an option.

So the question is, who designed this? And with what purpose? To keep customers away and not to bother the staff?

Could it be that they don’t want your questions. Or want to answer any of them?

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