Common Cause of Road Traffic Accidents

Road Accident

Most Common Cause of Traffic Accidents

The most common cause of road traffic accidents is a driver error.

Driver errors range from driving too fast, following cars too closely, unsafe overtaking, running a red light and many other careless mistakes. But also over-correcting.

In theory, the recovery is basic: stay calm, decelerate, don’t brake, and then ease back onto the roadway or your lane. Theory is of course one thing, real life something else.

In January, 16-year-old Joseph Gerald Hart died in North Carolina after being in a head-on crash with a delivery truck. He had run off the road and over-corrected trying to get back on.

Driving schools have started to give students hands on experience in off-road recovery.

If you already have your license: repeat theory. You can never get too much knowledge.

Another common cause of accidents is swerving out of one’s lane. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that 15,574 people died in US traffic accidents in 2007 because a driver swerved out of their lane.


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