Error Reports

Reporting Errors

I truly appreciate when users of this site find and report faults. Faults sometimes occurs when a state changes the laws or revise its handbook (driver’s manual). From time to time I have also [ Read more ]

Purchasing Alcohol to a Minor

Anonymous user has pointed out that we in the Texas written tests had some old information about non-driving alcohol-related offenses. The correct information is: A person who purchases an alcoholic [ Read more ]

Why Am I Wrong???

I get comments like the following every now and then: “I clicked on the right button letter c . But you are telling me I am wrong. I don’t understand.” “my answer was [ Read more ]

Flashing Red Lights

A flashing red signal light means “STOP”. After stopping, you may proceed when it is safe. And you must always observe the right-of-way rules. Unfortunately, a copy and paste error [ Read more ]

Correction in the Nevada Test

Every now and then we get things mixed up in the database, and we appreciate all your corrections! Like this one on the Nevada DMV Test: The restriction code letter D on a driver license indicates [ Read more ]

Oklahoma Mandatory Point System

One of our users of the free DMV Test for Oklahoma state has pointed out some mixed up answers. Regarding the mandatory point system in Oklahoma, points are reduced to zero if there are no traffic [ Read more ]
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