California Drivers Among the Worst

Statistics show the worst drivers

2009 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test

California motorists are ranked as the fourth worst in the country in the 2009 GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test.

Even worse are drivers in New York, New Jersey and Hawaii. The best drivers are found in Idaho, Wisconsin, Montana, Kansas and South Dakota. Texas ending up in the middle.

This is the fifth annual survey. And it indicates that the number of drivers with knowledge of basic road rules is decreasing. Scary, isn’t it?

Would not Pass the Written Driver’s Exam

20.1 percent of licensed Americans would not pass a written driver’s exam if taken today. That is roughly 41 million drivers. In other words, there is an alarming number of licensed Americans that lack knowledge of basic rules of the road.

As an example, more than eight out of 10 drivers could not identify the correct action to take when approaching a steady yellow traffic light.

Think that older people are the worst? Forget it. With age comes wisdom. The older the driver, the higher the test score. Drivers 35+ years old were most likely to pass. The group with the highest failure rates was young people, like me. 18 to 24 years old.

When we launch License Route soon, it will be a great opportunity for everyone the check their knowledge. A great idea, isn’t it?

Please join me in my effort to make the roads a safer place. All over USA.

Source: GMAC Insurance (document no longer available).

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