Do You Recognize the Blind Spots of a Truck?


Knowing Blind Spots is Important for Your DMV Test


Which car, or cars, are driving in the truck’s blind spots?

Comment from anonymous regarding this qustion on the free Nevada DMV test:

I am a truck driver and helping my wife take this test. Car C is most definitely NOT in the truck’s blind spot.

Our answer:

When taking the written exam for you driver’s license, it is essential that you read the handbook, because all of your questions will be based on the text in the handbook.

This is what the Nevada Driver’s Handbook, March 2010 edition, page 48, says:

Trucks and buses have big No-Zones (blind spots) on both sides. They are much larger than your car’s blind spots. If you cannot see the driver’s face in the side view mirror, he or she cannot see you. If that driver needs to swerve or change lanes for any reason, the chances of a collision are greatly increased.

The text is illustrated with the following image:

No Zones, Blind Spots, in Nevada Handbook

Also compare with the following picture from the California Handbook:

Everything can be drawn differently, and it is true that trucks and cars have different blind spots. It is, however, essential that you recognize the blind spot that often appear to the right and slightly in front of a truck.

We will try to update the image as soon as possible, so the size of the truck makes it more obvious that even car C can be in a blind spot.

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