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Licenseroute is one of the first and the oldest practice sites in United States. The official launch of Licenseroute.com was July 1, 2009.

The website has since then offered free permit practice tests for millions of users and all states in USA.

We Help Test Takers Pass the Official Knowledge Test

Studies show that new drivers who use our practice tests are much more likely to pass the knowledge test than those who study only the state’s driver manual. The pass rate in some states is as high as 93%.

By providing updated tests based on the latest information from your state, you can always be sure that you study the right thing and don’t waste time on information that does not apply to your state.

All tests are based on random questions from a larger pool of questions. Answers are found in the state’s driver handbook.

Based in Texas

Licenseroute is based in Texas with professional staff with long experience of driving and traffic law.

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