A Bad Driver Out There?

Angry Driver

Angry Driver
Let’s face it. There are some bad drivers out there. Make sure you are not one of them.

GMAC Insurance National Drivers Test results reveals that 1 in 5 drivers on the road do not meet the basic requirements to get a driver’s license. The most important pillar to become a good driver is knowledge. You have to know and understand the rules of the road and the situations in which to apply them.

I think many people are way too distracted to be behind a wheel, and it is becoming worse. Talking on cell phones is just part of the problem, even if I agree with Oprah Winfrey when she calls it America’s new deadly obsession.

You see far too many people with a dog in the front seat, eating or trying to fix their make-up while driving. Or just not paying attention to their driving in general. When people are distracted dangerous situations will occur. Your car is not your living room. When you put yourself behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, you take responsibility for the lives of people around you.

The second most important pillar to become a good driver is awareness. It usually comes with knowledge and experience.

When a car is merging onto the highway and you are in the right lane, you should move another lane so the car can merge smoothly with traffic. Not all drivers seem to be aware how easy it is to make the road a safer place for all. Instead you see drivers reluctant to slow down or move even an inch. They seem to forget all their manners when they get behind the wheel of a car.

To me this is an attitude. Courtesy and consideration are essential to good driving. You also have to be patient. Keep plenty of space between your car and others on all sides. Stay in the middle of your lane and always make sure there is enough room ahead to stop or pass safely. Follow the traffic flow, without going faster than the speed limit. Never think you are better and smarter than the other driver and become aggressive in your driving.

To be a good driver you must not only know all of this, you must also live by it.

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